Call for Papers: Are Manoeuvre Warfare And The Manoeuvrist Approach Dead?


At the Theresan Military Academy Forum (TMAF) 2024, we want to ask the question: “Are Manoeuvre Warfare and Manoeuvrist Approach Dead?”.


We believe that scientific-based knowledge is vital to increase operational readiness. For Western thinkers, the Manoeuvrist Approach is a foundational method in this regard. Allied Joint Doctrine for Land Operations explains that the „manoeuvrist approach“ is „an indirect and sophisticated“ one that „focuses on applying strength against vulnerability and recognises the importance of cohesion and will.“[1] The Manoeuvrist Approach is understood to be more „intellectual“ or „conceptual“ when compared to other concepts, such as attrition; however, Russia‘s War against Ukraine has illustrated both the reality and necessity of attritional approaches, thus begging the question: Is Manoeuvre dead?

We call for papers focused on topics related to strategic, operational, and tactical manoeuvre. We seek to analyse the concept‘s validity. Submissions are not limited to Russia‘s war of aggressions; authors can focus on specificities, weapons technology, competing doctrines and military culture to create a holistic understanding of the respective ends, ways and means.

Authors could ask themselves the following questions:

  • How relevant is Manoeuvre in contemporary military operations?
  • How is the concept applied in economy, geopolitics, and geoeconomics?
  • Evaluation/ Methodologies: Does Manoeuvre still work? Or is it merely theoretical?
  • How are Manoeuvre and Attrition related?
  • What does that mean for Western military education and training?

Whilst the questions above serve as food for thought, authors are encouraged and welcome to offer original ideas and perspectives and to engage with subject-related questions they themselves find interesting.

As busy policy professionals read The Defence Horizon Journal, all submissions should follow our guidelines for submission (; long essay).

All submissions should contain endnotes following the Chicago Manual of Style. All submissions will be peer-reviewed before publication to ensure the quality of content.


  • Email your abstract of up to 250 words to by 23:59 (CET) 28.04.2024.
  • First draft of manuscript must be submitted to by 23:59 (CET) 18.08.2024.
  • Completed manuscript must be submitted to by 23:59 (CET) 20.10.2024.

The Defence Horizon Journal thanks you for your interest in our forum and wishes you well in your submission.

Jeroen Verhaege, “Is NATO Land Operations Doctrine Aiming Too High?,” War On The Rocks, August 06, 2021,