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Thank you for your interest! Reading these lines is the first step towards publication. The following guidelines will hopefully provide encouragement to submit and soon find your work among our headlines.

The Defence Horizon Journal is a nonpartisan professional and academic journal. We are looking for unbiased, dispassionate, evidence and science-based articles that are legible to a general audience, not aimed toward a narrow group of experts. 

We are not looking at the world as it is supposed to be but rather as it is. Consequently, we prioritize logic-based assessments while rejecting ideology and streamlined utopias. 

The Defence Horizon Journal is an open platform for deductions and recommendations for the future. We are not a tool for political actionism of any kind. To this end, all submissions should avoid populist statements and inappropriate generalizations.

On the other hand, we appreciate innovative ideas, thinking “outside of the box” and creativity!


We are interested in publishing papers in English (British or American) or German. To underline your key take-aways, submissions must include an abstract and “problem statement” following the template.



You have figured out your subject, and you understand our guidelines concerning the article’s length and style? Well, let’s combine them! 

A short essay concerning security policy is just as welcome as a case study about a historical military or political event or a long piece covering an evolution in weapons technology. Whatever the focus of your piece might be, it should provide us with an outlook, give an in-depth review of the topic, draw your conclusions and, if applicable, share your reflections on the current status quo. Illustrations and pictures in sufficient quality are welcome when supporting or reinforcing your argument. 

The Defence Horizon Journal accepts only articles that are exclusively in the author’s property and not already available to a broad public. With the acceptance of your paper, the sole publication rights are transferred to The Defence Horizon Journal. Additionally, we do not accept simultaneous submissions.

There is no need to provide sources when it comes to commonly known facts. However, we expect evidence for assertions. We ask you to work with a maximum of three levels of headings (A., 1., 1.1.) and use endnotes according to Chicago Manual of Style formatting. Please do not add a bibliography at the end of your article.

As we have learned, some authors need their respective employers’ or organizations’ permission to publish. We ask you to ensure the aforementioned before submitting an article.

Submit your article in a Word document to submissions[at]tdhj[dot]org. 

Good news: We accept rolling submissions. From time to time, we will also send out a call for papers based on a specific theme.

You are almost there! Before submitting, please do your due diligence and double check your formatting, citations and word count. Our editorial team will respond as soon as possible, and within seven days at the latest. From this moment on, you are on track towards publication. 

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Thank you again for your time and effort. We are looking forward to working with you and will be there to guide you throughout the publication process.